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SOLID edge non laminated 4cm countertops
SOLID edge non laminated 4cm countertops Vanities
Mesh-backed Cobble looking pavers
Pool coping
Stair Treads and Risers
Floating Ball Fountains
Cut to Size
Outdoor Products
Wrought Iron
  • US Stone Sales LLC acts as manufacturer's agent for tiles and slabs, allowing you to purchase directly from the factory producing your order with no middleman and no broker involved. Your payment will be made directly to the producing factory in China and we will assist you in preparing all documents and placing your orders.
  • OK to mix and match for quantity discount. 7200 sq. ft of 3/8" material typically fills a container.
  • Minimum quantities may be required for certain materials.

  • The following is a list of our most popular non-Chinese material:
    • Black Galaxy (India)
    • Tan Brown (India)
    • Kashmir Gold (India)
    • Saphire Brown (India)
    • Multicolor (India)
    • Giallo Fiorito (Brazil)
    • Ubatuba (Brazil)
    • Verde Butterfly (Brazil)
    • Santa Cecilia Yellow (Brazil)
    • Blue Pearl (Norway)
    • Baltic Brown (Finland)
  • Below is a list of our inexpensive Chinese granite material
Counter White Dragon Red
Light Grey Rosa Sali
Dark Grey Maple Red
Majestic Mauve Pure Black
Almond Mauve Serpent Green
Sunset Gold (Tan) Baltic Cream

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